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XY antennas - Total Ground Segment Solutions - CGC Space
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Compact, economical 2.4-2.6m complete ground station solutions including image processing configured specifically for educational and research establishments.
X/Y LEO,MEO and GEO mounts

X/Y mounts offer many advantages for full hemisphere tracking systems up to apertures of 7.6m.

These include:
No cone of silence (nodal point) at zenith
Low power consumption
Lower system mass
Ability to track all LEO spacecraft using low slew rates Lower parts count with high reliability and lower cost of ownership.

CGC has over 25 installations worldwide and has accumulated over 250 years of operational time.

Our range of mounts can be matched many many configuratons of reflector and RF optics.

AZ/EL LEO,MEO and GEO mounts

CGC developed the business offering X/Y mounts which have considerable advantage for full hemisphere tracking for LEO and MEO up to approximately 7.6m. At larger sizes AZ/EL mounts ar emore suited and CGC offers full tracking AZ/EL mounts to 10m and beyond.

CGC also offer a specially developed range of AZ/EL mounts for medium and larger aperture GEO use. These systems have innovative contruction with good cost-to-aperture ratios.


Tracking of aperture antennas is usually achieved with program track using ephemiris data in the form of TLE's.
Our experience in program track is such that we are able to program track at X-Band with apertures of up to 6.5m.
For higer frequencies or larger apertures some form of auto tracking is required. Monopulse tracking systems using the data channel usually have significant losses. CGC has developed low loss monopulse tracking and can offer full autotrack systems with advantageous G/T, with smaller aperture sizes than would be expected.

Feed Design

CGC can offer feed design across the frequency bands to include dual or triple band feeds with differing polarisation options and power handling capabilities.

Single band feed design is covered by a range of pre-existing feeds which can be adapted to most reflector optics requirements. Auto-track feeds in a number of frequency bands and configuratons are avialable.

We use the latest RF design tools to ensure specific illumination and side band requirements are coupled with optimum performance.

Our experiance and capability covers L,S,C,X,Ku,Ka bands.
LEO,MEO and GEO systems
Our ground station systems utilise high precision antenna systems with a range of RF optics including prime focus and casagrain with or without frequency selective (dichroic) sub reflectors. RF and base band equipment is integrated from COTS equipment with custom configuration avalable if required.

CGC's tracking and scheduling, monitoring and control software offers a vast range of functionality with user friendly interfaces. Network and data storage systems can be configured to application requirements.

image processing and product dissemination software is available in support of some missions.
Carbon Composite

CGC offer ultra rigid and precise carbon composite reflectors for all frequency bands suitable for use outside or in a raydome. Integrated metalised reflective front face surfaces maximise efficiency. FEA and physical testing, plus a photo-measurement techique are used to ensure strenght, rigidity and accuracy of the reflectors.

CGC developed and proved its own manufacturing techniques and thus can offer reflector supply only.

Sizes are in the range 1.8 m to more than 10 m and CGC is prepared to manufacture ultra-precise, dual shaped and other special purpose reflectors either one offs or in modest volume.

To compliment the refelctors we offer filliment wound carbon fibre composite feed struts for great rigidity and light weight.
XY Antenna Technology
Take a look at our album of images from projects past and present.
CGC to supply Planet Labs Inc with second generation of 5.0m cassegrain S/X band groundstations and radomes to support Flock-1 and future constellations.

CGC to supply Leicester University with 2.4m groundstation

eOsphere place order for 2.4m L/X Band groundstation and radome for Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Application & Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens.

CGC delivers 3.7m antenna to GES, Goonhilly, UK.

CGC upgrades 6.1m cassegrain S/X band groundstation and 4.5m S/X band groundstation for STFC at Chilbolton Observatory, UK.

CGC installs 5.0m cassegrain S/X band groundstation for Planet Labs at Awarua Groundstation, New Zealand.

CGC completes installation of 5.0m cassegrain S/X band groundstation for Planet Labs at Goonhilly Earth Station, UK.

CGC ships 2.4m X Band groundstation to eOsphere for supply to Vietnam National University
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